Stories of Diva World Wide, NIPA DAS

Stories of Diva World Wide

Nipa Das | A story of new opportunities

Her name is Nipa Das! Her sweet smile combined with big bright eyes invites you to be curious about who she is!

She is from Bangladesh, born and raised between Kishoreganj, Narsingdi and Dhaka. She has one elder sister. She and her sister support their parents after her father retired from his teaching job. She completed her studies in Political Science and also holds a MBA in Marketing.

She loves learning, exploring and embracing new challenges. She has a great challenge in front of her: A new international job! Since January 2017, she works at Diva World Wide. She is the central point of contact between clients and technical developers. She ensures all the communications regarding the digital production is clear, delivered on time and within price guidelines. She learns everyday new things, specially all kind of technical vocabulary which she did not heard before like Clicktag, CDN and Lightbox, etc.

She enjoys her independency!

“Earning my own money makes me feel better. If I want to invest in something, I do. I can support my parents. Before I needed to ask my husband, I depended on him. Although his income and mine are still very different, I am proud of myself”  – Nipa Das.

One thing she likes about working at DivaWW is that she can work from home most of the times. She really hates being stuck in a traffic jam in Dhaka. It saves her more than 3 hours each day of commuting time. She can really focus on what she needs to do. She loves being efficient.


A photo of Dhaka

taken by Maarten Roelofs, founder of Diva World Wide

She looks at the future with hope. She wants to get a course in graphic design and keep learning everything regarding digital design like HTML, Web, digital marketing, so she can perform at her best in her new job.

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