Stories of Diva World Wide, Habib Bahar

Today we wrote a piece about one of our team members: Habib Bahar!

Let’s introduce you to this 26 year old talented developer from Bangladesh.

When we met Habib Bahar we were immediately sold. This guy has it all: a smart look, creative mind and genuine ideas. He is a real 3D animator, video editor and able to handle every product ADOBE and Autodesk ever made.

The only challenge was that Habib is not very confident in speaking English. Unfortunately something common in Bangladesh. English is taught in Bangladesh, but there is limited opportunities to practise. So when we met Habib, he was a little bit nervous. So we set up an unusual interview setting, we first did armwrestling. Yes, haha!

After a – close to a tie – fight (interviewer- interviewee 2:1) we got into business. Now Habib is working with us for already 3 months. And here we wanted to recap some of his words during the interview:

Habib, why did you you like to join Diva World Wide?

– “Lots of creativity” – Yes, Habib is a man of few words.

Habib works at DivaWW as a designer. You might have seen some his work like the Holland Festival (PROMS) campaign and many of the wallpapers and interactive ads are conceptually designed by Mr Habib.

One of HabibBahars’ passions is ceramics (also his master’s study subject).

See some of his works here and his video:

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