Publisher Solutions



Contracting tips

A primer on what to do, and what not to do when hiring optimising or yield partners

  • a) Never sign an exclusive contract with any party. Always agree on a ‘zero’ inventory guarantee
  • b) Make your own contracts: sign with google, adex, or any other party
  • Get your hands on a dsp platform, so you can identify opportunities and average pricing with competition
  • d) Build your own list of relevant PMP parties and contacts
  • Keep your infrastructure in your own hands. Do not give away ‘first look’ options
  • Maintain a list of advertisers, and agencies that run on your network. These can be approached for additional sales.

Keep it simple

We notice there are often too many parties involved between the advertiser and the publisher. Due to this inefficient process a large part of the margins disappear.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands both the buying and selling sides of the market are almost completely dominated by Google-platforms.

Although Google takes a share for their services as well, the payments and results are more transparent, as well as lower in costs.

With the arrival of GDPR this has become even more noticeable, and we see at various publishing agencies that the simplest platform leads to the fundamentally highest revenue.

For publishers it is important to consider the relationship to their own clients. Most client conversation starts online nowadays. If you miss a direct contact and online relationship here, you risk losing other opportunities to sell.