“Layers” in Automated sales

Digital sales are typically regarded in tiers. These are rated from valuable (1) to infrastructural (5). Each tier has its own dynamics.

Direct sales. Typically the highest eCPM. The most valuable advertising formats, branded content, native and sponsored articles. Usually an eCPM between €10 and €20.

Sales with partners. Think about an external saleshouse that offers clusters (target groups, titles) as long as these do not compete with their own sales. These include so called optimizing/yield/publisher trading desks. We advise you on which parties to choose. Net revenue lies around eCPM €5-€10.

PMP, Private Market Places. These contracts replace the more old-fashioned purchase orders. The publisher sends a code to the client, who can instantly buy from the publisher using their DSP (demand platform). This is bound to certain conditions, such as volume, price, minimum purchase and specific discounts. This has an average revenue of €4-€5 eCPM.

ADEX. This is a stream of automatic purchases that enter through Google. Here you can have advertisers pay a minimum price that you set yourself, block advertisers, and actively search for advertisers. The eCPM lies around €1.50 to 2.25, but varies per title and content, and needs to be optimized frequently.

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